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Requesting an audit

Here's a quickstart guide to kick off your auditing journey:

1. Request an Audit

  • Complete the "Request an Audit" form.
  • Schedule your audit with at least 3 days' notice.
  • Await our response! Our experts will get in touch with your team ASAP.

2. Screening & Assessment

  • Engage with the CodeHawks team during our screening call.
  • Discuss your project's audit scope, timeline, and initial requirements.
  • Check our guidelines ADD LINK to better understand what's needed for the audit.

3. Understand Pricing & Timelines

  • After the initial assessment, we'll provide a tailored quote and timelines for your protocol.
  • Review our pricing and timelines guide​ for detailed insights.

4. Prepare for the Audit

  • Share your code's final commit, branch, known issues, and contracts.
  • Initiate a code freeze to ensure consistency during the audit.
  • ​Check our preparation guide for more details.

5. Participate Actively during the Audit

  • If involved in a competition, remain available on the CodeHawks Discord server.​
  • Engage with auditors, answer questions, and collaborate. Our community managers will always be there to assist!