Community Judging Eligibility

A few distinct criteria will be used to determine a user's eligibility to participate in community judging for a contest.

To be eligible for community judging a competition, a potential judge must:

  1. Have at least one submission in the Contest they would be judging: This assures the community judge that they will possess the context and familiarity with the code necessary to provide an accurate and valid submission assessment.

  2. Have earned at least $200 USDC from previous CodeHawks competitions: This will further mitigate unqualified or inexperienced judges and serve as a Sybil defense mechanism.

  3. Have a total submission to valid submission ratio greater than or equal to 0.2: This will ensure that only auditors who share Cyfrin's commitment to industry-leading quality can judge other submissions.

First Flights

The criteria for community judging in First Flights may differ from those outlined above. Fewer restrictions may be employed to pursue learning opportunities.

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