How Does XP Work?

CodeHawks XP System

Welcome to the CodeHawks XP System documentation page. Our XP system is designed to give a better insight into the contributions and expertise of our auditors, while also serving as a more comprehensive measure than simply relying on monetary gains. Here, we detail how the system works, the advantages it presents, and what you can expect from it.

Why XP Over Only Gains-Based Leaderboard?

  • Holistic Measurement: XP provides a fuller picture of an auditor's capabilities and contributions. While financial gains might indicate the financial success of submissions, XP provides an understanding of the consistent quality and relevance of an auditor's findings.

  • Experience Indication: XP is more indicative of an auditor's experience and the value they bring to the platform, rather than just their monetary success.

  • Motivation for Newcomers: New auditors have a fair chance to climb the leaderboard by focusing on the quality of their submissions, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to shine.

How to Earn XP

  1. Submission-based XP:

    • Earn XP for each valid submission based on its post-judging severity rating.

    • Default XP rewards:

      • Gas: 1 XP

      • Low: 2 XP

      • Medium: 20 XP

      • High: 100 XP

Note: XP values mentioned are current defaults and can change. The CodeHawks team will always communicate changes in advance.

  1. Team Submissions:

    • If you're in a team, all members earn XP for valid submissions by the team.

    • There's a scaling mechanism for fairness:

      • Teams of ≀5 : Each member earns 100% XP

      • Team of 6 : Each member earns 90% XP

      • Team of 7 : Each member earns 80% XP

      • ... so on till Teams of 10+ where each member earns 50% XP

  2. First Flights:

    • XP for First Flights is the same distribution by severity as a regular audit.

    • A contest's 'selected' finding will receive a further boost of 1.4x

Difficulty Multipliers

For contests in which few submissions are received, a modifier to XP rewards will be levied as follows:

  • <=50 valid submissions: 3x bonus XP

  • <=150 valid submissions: 2x bonus XP

  • 151+ valid submission: Default XP

This is meant to reward those who persevere through the most difficult contests and secure the most complex protocols.

What Your XP Represents Now

Currently, the XP you amass symbolizes your expertise and contributions to the CodeHawks community. Although no specific leveling system exists right now, we're excited about future prospects.

What’s On The Horizon

With the XP system's evolution, anticipate more perks:

  • Visual Recognition: Flaunt badges or icons that spotlight your expertise.

  • Community Involvement: Be eligible for community voting and other exclusive opportunities.

Stay connected for more upgrades to the XP system. We are committed to making CodeHawks a platform where every contribution, big or small, is recognized and celebrated.

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