The Kick-Off Period


The Kick-Off period is designed to introduce participants to the contest, offer clarity on the codebase and rules, and provide an moment for any immediate questions or concerns. This 48-hour window is vital for all participants and the fairness of a competitive audit.

Key Events of the Kick-Off Period

1. Contest Commencement Announcements

The start of the Kick-Off period will be marked by an official announcement. This will signify the beginning of the competition and provide all necessary details about the upcoming events during the Kick-Off.

2. Kick-Off Live Stream

During the Kick-Off live stream, participants will:

  • Be given a thorough walkthrough of the codebase. This will help in understanding the structure, functionalities, and intricacies of the code you'll be auditing.

  • Have the opportunity to interact with sponsors and team members. They will be available to answer any questions you might have about the competition, the codebase, or any other related topic.

Note: We highly recommend attending the live stream. It's a valuable opportunity to gain insights and clear up any uncertainties before diving into the audit.

3. Clarification & Feedback Window

For the entire duration of the 48-hour Kick-Off period, participants can:

  • Seek clarifications on the contest specifications. If there's any part of the spec you're unsure about, this is your time to get clarity.

  • Discuss and provide feedback on any known issues with the spec. If you spot inconsistencies, ambiguities, or potential problems, you're encouraged to bring them up.

By the end of the Kick-Off period, the contest spec will be finalized based on the discussions and feedback.

Important Notes

  • Finalization of Contest Spec: After the 48-hour Kick-Off period, no changes to the contest spec will be accepted. Make sure to voice any concerns or suggestions during this window.

  • Decisions & Judgments: All decisions related to the competition will be based on the finalized contest spec. Ensure you're familiar with the final version to align your auditing strategy accordingly.

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