Quick Start

CodeHawks Quick Start Guide for Auditors

Here's a quick and easy guide to get you started as an auditor in our ever-growing community:

1. Register & Join the Flock

  • How?

    • Visit CodeHawks.com.

      • Click on the prominent "Become a Hawk" button.

    • Fill out the profile information to get started.

2. Await the Next Audit

  • How? Keep an eye on the latest audits displayed on the CodeHawks.com contest page.

3. Dive In & Submit Findings

  • How? With an ongoing audit, delve deep into the code and identify vulnerabilities or areas of improvement.

    • Submit your findings directly through the CodeHawks website.

4. Patiently Await Judging Results

  • Who Judges? The experienced Cyfrin team has been evaluating submissions carefully, but we will have more information on community judging soon!

  • Note! Expected durations for judging will be updated as we refine the process based on initial competitions.

6. Escalations

  • What? For 48 hours following judging, escalations will be accepted to contest judgments. This period will be clearly announced across all channels

  • How? During the 48 hour period, interactions will be enabled on your GitHub submissions, during which time you may leave comments, detailing your escalation for re-assessment.

5. Reap the Rewards

  • How? Once the final report is released, winners will be announced.

  • Payout? All rewards will be transferred to the winners' wallet addresses via the Arbitrum L2.

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