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First Flights

CodeHawks First Flights is a flagship initiative, designed to introduce the next generation of web3 developers to security audits.
It goes beyond the traditional learning process by offering a format for emerging auditors to gain hands-on experience with real-world web3 security audits and receive feedback and advice on findings and reports.
We've created CodeHawks First Flights to give everyone willing to get into Smart Contract security a ground to learn, network, get feedback, and test their skills
If you're just getting started, and want to learn web3 development, or smart contract security - join us on

What is a CodeHawks First Flight?

First Flights are smart contract auditing challenges characterized by smaller codebases and different rewards mechanisms from our standard smart contract auditing competitions, making them the perfect testing and learning ground for any aspirant smart contract security auditor.
A new First Flight is announced every month and will be available on the platform in which to participate.
Differently from the CodeHawks smart contract auditing competitions, First Flights do not come with monetary prize pools but grant participants Experience earned by submitting findings.

Why Join a First Flight?

The ultimate learning opportunity for aspirant Smart Contract auditors
Engage in a new challenge every week, ensuring constant exposure to different scenarios and learning from real world use cases and experts code bases.
Evolve your skills in real-world scenarios
The complexity of each Flight increases over time, ensuring that participants are consistently challenged and their skills progressively honed.
Earn CodeHawks XP and Climb the leaderboard
While there is no monetary prize, participants are rewarded with CodeHawks XP for every vulnerability discovered, recognising their efforts towards self-improvement.

How to Join a CodeHawks First Flight

Joining a CodeHawks First Flight is the same as joining a proper auditing competition:
  1. 1.
    If you haven't already, create a new account on
  2. 2.
    Subscribe to the upcoming competition by clicking on the Subscribe button on the competition box
  3. 3.
    When the First Flight starts you'll be notified via email, on the platform, and on our Twitter
  4. 4.
    The contest's code will be made public and you'll be able to start analysing, testing, and auditing the codebase in scope!

How CodeHawks First Flights Work

Subscribe to and join the competition kickoff
  • A new First Flight takes off every week.
  • First Flights will be announced and detailed like a standard audit competition on our Twitter page and
  • Thoroughly read the guidelines on the contest page to understand the scope and the codebase
  • The codebase in scope will be made public upon contest launch
  • Deep dive into the smart contracts to find bugs and potential exploits vectors
Identify vulnerabilities and submit findings like a real auditor
  • Participants will have to review the smart contract codebase looking for bugs and potential exploit vectors
  • After identifying vulnerabilities, participants will have to write a PoC and submit their findings
  • A live submission portal is available, offering the same, authentic experience of our standard CodeHawks competitive audits submission process.
Receive feedback, learn faster
  • A judge will thoroughly review and test every finding evaluating validity and confirming or adjusting the severity level
  • After the judging phase, participants have the opportunity to appeal the judge's decisions.
  • Receive direct feedback on your submissions and use this feedback to improve.
Celebrate your achievements
  • Upon finalization of results, XP points are awarded.
  • As participants accumulate XP, they can rise through the ranks on the leaderboards and gain recognition for their expertise.
Not feeling ready to join a CodeHawks First Flight? Checkout our learning resources and start creating your account on