Disqualification Criteria

We uphold a high standard of integrity and quality for our competitive audits. Our goal is to ensure a fair playing field for all participants while maintaining the credibility of our competitions. Below we define the specific criteria that may lead to the disqualification of participants from our contests.

Issue validity

Ensuring the authenticity and relevance of findings is crucial for the integrity of our competitions.

  • Threshold for Validity: Participants must maintain a validity rate of more than 15% for their findings. If over 85% of a participant's submissions are deemed invalid, they will face disqualification.


  • 1 valid, 6 invalids = 14.3% valid -> disqualified

  • 2 valid, 6 invalids = 25% valid -> qualified

Timeliness of Submissions

Promptness is key:

  • Submissions must be made within the designated competition window.

  • Any findings submitted after the competition window closes will not be considered.

ChatGPT & AI Generated Findings

While AI tools like ChatGPT can be beneficial:

  • Submissions based primarily or solely on AI-generated responses often lead to subpar reports.

  • Participants suspected of relying excessively on AI for their submissions risk disqualification.

Excessive Invalid Appeals

During the appeals process:

  • Participants are encouraged to raise valid concerns.

  • However, an overwhelming number of invalid appeal submissions can risk the invalidation of all of a participant's appeals.

  • The Threshold for this is currently at the Judge's discretion

Adherence to CodeHawks Community Guidelines

Upholding our community values is paramount:

  • Participants must adhere to the community guidelines as outlined on CodeHawks, our Twitter page, and Discord channel.

  • Any breach of these guidelines may not only lead to disqualification from the current contest but also risk the participant's eligibility for future competitions.

Our disqualification criteria are in place to ensure the credibility and fairness of CodeHawks competitive audits. Adherence to these rules is essential for maintaining the integrity of our platform and community. We urge all participants to familiarize themselves with these criteria and uphold the standards set forth by CodeHawks.

For any queries or further clarification, feel free to reach out to our team or consult our community guidelines on our official platforms.

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