Competitive vs Private Auditings

Competitive Smart Contract Audits vs. Private Audits

Understanding the differences between competitive and private smart contract audits can be pivotal in deciding the appropriate auditing service for your project. This guide provides clarity on their value propositions, helping you choose the most effective method for your needs.


  • Competitive Audits: These involve multiple auditors (potentially hundreds) competing to find bugs in your codebase. It's a high-volume approach, often likened to a "firehose" due to the vast array of feedback received.

  • Private Audits: These are more like consultations. You work closely with a dedicated team or individual to thoroughly review your codebase, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback.


FeatureCompetitive AuditPrivate Audit

Number of Auditors

Potentially hundreds

Usually two or a dedicated team

Feedback Style

Massive, varied feedback

Consultation: personalized feedback, Q&A sessions

Auditor Expertise

Varies; not all auditors are of same quality

Typically specialized, consistent expertise

Bug Detection Method

Volume-based, many eyes on code

Depth-based, thorough review by a dedicated team


Depends on the code base

Depends on the code base


  • Duration: The time taken for both audit types largely depends on the length and complexity of the codebase.

Which One is Better?

Competitive audits bring the benefit of volume, with many eyes on your project. However, the expertise level can vary. Private audits on the other hand provide a more personalized approach, ensuring consistent quality and more in-depth support to your team to ensure best practices are followed throughout the whole project, but perhaps not the sheer volume of feedback.

Recommendation: Ideally, projects should consider leveraging both types of audits to get the comprehensive coverage and insights they need.

Effectiveness: How Many Bugs Do They Find?

Both audit methods are currently viewed as effective for identifying vulnerabilities. The distinction is more in the style of feedback and the relationship with auditors and your team.

Deciding between competitive and private smart contract audits depends on your project's needs and preferences.

Why Choose CodeHawks and Cyfrin?

Whether you're leaning towards competitive or private audits, CodeHawks and Cyfrin bring unparalleled value to your smart contract auditing needs.


  • CodeHawks: Leverage the power of the crowd. Hundreds of skilled auditors compete to ensure your code is robust and secure.

  • Cyfrin: Dedicated, in-depth analysis with consistent expertise to guide your project from inception to deployment.

šŸ” Want an in-depth, consultative review? Reach out for CodeHawks Private Audit. šŸš€ Looking for comprehensive, crowd-sourced insights? Submit your project to Cyfrin's Competitive Auditing Platform.

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