๐Ÿ’กPhilosophy and Mission

Our Philosophy

At CodeHawks, we believe in a digital space thatโ€™s fair, transparent, and secure. Web3 and DeFi hold immense potential for the future, and our core philosophy is rooted in nurturing that potential by fostering an environment of education, transparency, and top-notch security.

Our Mission

To be the leading platform where auditors and protocols converge, ensuring a safer Web3 ecosystem.

Key Tenets of Our Approach

  1. Anonymity in Submissions: Our competitive audit submissions are 100% anonymous, ensuring a completely bias-free judgment process.

  2. Education: We are committed to shipping high-quality educational content. Our goal is to hone your skills, making you the best auditor you can be.

  3. Advocacy for Transparency: We stand firm in our commitment to transparency. Our mission is to enhance the Web3 ecosystem, pushing DeFi to its fullest potential.

Whatโ€™s Coming?

  • For Auditors: We are shaping up to be your end-to-end marketplace. Imagine a place where all your inbound comes from CodeHawks! That future is not too far.

  • For Protocols: Forget the tedious task of DMing countless auditors on Twitter. Soon, you'll be able to post your audit on our platform and choose the auditor that aligns best with your project's needs.

The Current Landscape and Our Response

  • Challenges in Web3:

    • Last year alone, 6% of DeFi was compromised due to security breaches.

    • A clear gap exists in understanding how Web3 operates and the unique value it brings to the digital space.

  • Our Strategy:

    • We are in continuous pursuit of enhanced security best practices, ensuring protocols remain resilient against threats.

    • Weโ€™re working to deliver top-tier educational content to bridge the knowledge gap.

Token and Governance

  • Token: We currently have no token and, in all probability, might never introduce one. But our vision goes beyond tokens.

  • Decentralized Governance: We're envisioning a decentralized governance system. Our focus is on creating a model thatโ€™s responsive, adaptive, and truly represents the community's best interests.

Stay connected for more updates on our journey to make Web3 better, together.

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