At CodeHawks, we pride ourselves on providing a transparent and fair competition environment. The introduction of the Appeals Period is a testament to this commitment.

The opening of the Appeals Period will be clearly communicated via Twitter, Discord and Email

Preliminary Results Release

The unveiling of preliminary results takes place immediately after the conclusion of our judging process. This release serves as an initial insight into the standing of submissions and gives participants a sense of their performance.

The Appeal Window

Once the preliminary results are made public, an Appeal Period of exactly 2 days commences. This window allows participants to:

  • Raise concerns regarding their submissions.

  • Provide additional insights or clarifications.

  • Challenge the preliminary findings if they believe there are discrepancies.

Raising an Appeal

To initiate an appeal:

  1. Navigate to your judged submission on the CodeHawks Portal through 'My Findings'.

  1. Comment, in the provided comment box, with detailed concerns or points of contention.

  1. Clearly state why you believe your issue is valid. If you're challenging other entries, provide concise reasoning for any discrepancies identified.

Low effort appeals risk being disregarded.

Important Points to Consider

  • Quality Over Quantity: While we appreciate thoroughness and attention to detail, it's essential to ensure that appeals are well-reasoned and backed by substantial evidence. Appeals that appear hasty or lack clarity will be promptly closed.

  • Frequency of Appeals: Participants are encouraged to raise valid concerns. However, excessive appeals with little to no merit can lead to a situation where even valid concerns from the said participant might be disqualified. We urge participants to be discerning and thoughtful in their approach.

Lead Judges of a contest will be responsible for assessing appeals during the appeals phase.

For any further feedback or concerns, participants can use our Feedback Form.

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