🫂Community First Flights

Community First Flights are Cyfrin's most recent expansion to our First Flight initiative. For those wanting to contribute a fun code base, or strengthen the developer side of their skill set, Community First Flights present the perfect opportunity!

Submission Criteria

The rules are simple:

  1. Create a fun project with a theme! (Holidays are popular)

  2. Ensure the in-scope contracts are ~ 100-200 nSLOC

  3. The project should have a maximum complexity of 200

In addition to the above, First Flights are meant to contain bugs! Make sure your project intentionally includes:

  • 1-2 easy to find bugs

  • 1 medium difficulty bug

  • 1 hard bug

  • 1 High/Critical

  • 1 Low

Be sure to write up an answer key, detailing the intentional bugs you've placed in your code!

The final piece required is to assure your project has an appropriate README. Please use the template provided below and tell us about your protocol!

How to Submit a First Flight

Once your repo is ready fill out this form and, ping @equious.eth on Discord. He will arrange sharing of your code base privately (so as not to spoil the contest!). From here your submission will be vetted and you'll be provided any necessary feedback or adjustments that require implementation.

When will my First Flight be Chosen?

Submissions will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. A few things to note:

  • A submission must be fully vetted and accepted before being 'in line'.

  • First Flights are held twice/month.

  • We require at least 3 days notice prior to the next expected First Flight in order to run the contest.

  • Code bases ready with less notice than this will be scheduled for the next available First Flight.

Cyfrin retains the right to shift to a lottery selection process should the volume of pending submissions grow too large.

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